We are pleased to have you researching Nano-Go products

Nano-Go was founded in 2007 to develop & supply a line of premium weight loss and energy products for a chain of health related stores.  Nano-Go has been very successful fulfilling the needs of our initial customer and now we are offering our products in many other stores in North America. Along the way, Nano-Go has acquired several supplement formulations that have been on the market for over 20 years, these products are safe, work and have a loyal following.  We are proud to continue to offer these products to their loyal customers who have had years of success taking these supplements.


• Our supplements are proudly packaged in the United States and our ingredients 
are domestically produced to make sure that you can be confident in the safety of 
Nano-Go products.

• Our supplement formulations are based in peer reviewed research, you can feel 
the effects of the supplements and will know that you have found a product that works.

• Our products tell you what they are and offer a better value than you can find in 
other competitors supplements.

Nano-GO provides customers with the highest quality supplements available today. Our products have a unique blend of ingredients that you won’t find in any other dietary supplement. We’ve put the best of our health and wellness research into products that will help you be healthy and stay fit. A precise blend nutrients set our products apart from the competition. Whether you need a boost in energy, a healthy weight loss supplement, a digestive formula or joint relief we have the products you need.


Recently Nano-Go began offering B12 Caffeine Crystals, a crystal energy supplement that can be added to your food or drink.  This product meets our company goals of providing a safe, easy to understand product that works.   Caffeine is the energy source that most people already use and know that they can trust. This product makes it simple for everyone to always have a packet of energy for when they need to be alert and at their best.


I hope that you will continue to learn about our supplements and choose one that you believe will help you to go, revive and renew your interest in life.


All the best,

Matthew Newman

Chief Products Officer

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